Friday, January 9, 2009

The Mike O'Meara Show

I'd like to thank The Mike O'Meara Show for having me on today! The guys were great to me and cracked me up during our tasting over the airwaves. I'm getting a lot of emails about the beers that I had them taste, so I'm putting the list up here! If you didn't get to hear the show live you can go to the Mike O'Meara Show website and listen to the podcast!

Magic Hat #9
A delicious pale ale from South Burlington, VT. Dry, crisp, fruity. This beer uses a 150 year old strain of top fermenting English yeast. There's nothing offensive in this beer. Nice and sessionable. A touch of apricot on the nose. 4.6% abv.

Dogfishhead 90 Minute IPA
If you are a hophead you will love this beer from Milton, Delaware. This is an Imperial or Double India Pale Ale, which means that its super hoppy. Which means that this beer is floral, grassy, super bitter and super dry. Esquire Magazine said that this beer was "The Best IPA in America." At 90 IBU's (International Bittering Units) it just may be one of the hoppiest ones, that's for sure. Notes of raisins and citrus in the background. 9% abv.

Chimay Blue
The monks sure know how to make good beer. Chimay Blue is a classic Belgian Trappist ale. Deep brown in color and high in alcohol, this beer has spicy clovey notes with hints of nutmeg, plum and other dark old world fruits. This very vinous beer has secondary notes of raisins and caramel. 9% abv.

This beer is from Schneider and Sons from Kelheim a town in southern Germany or Bavaria. It's a Weizen Bock beer, which really just means an extra strong wheat beer. This beer is full bodied with big roasted bananas and clove on the nose and caramel, nutty, woody notes on the finish. 8.2% abv.

Tripel Karmeliet
An abbey ale from Buggenhout, Belgium, this super effervescent Tripel is made with three grains: oats, wheat and barley. Bright yellow in color this beer has classic Tripel hints of pepper, citrus rind, honey and a dry flat hop finish. 8% abv.

Written by The Beer Chick, December 6, 2008

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