Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lift a Pint for Michael Jackson

We've had a big loss in the beer community today. Beer expert Michael Jackson, whom I've mentioned several times in this blog, has passed away. I've read every book that he's written and often looked to them for guidance and answers. Here's what All About Beer Magazine wrote about him today.

"It's not often you get to know an honest to goodness giant. Michael Jackson was a giant, indeed, and his place in the beer community was unique. Now, he's gone. Not exactly surprising, given the state of his health, but still a shock.

Michael gave us our voice and vocabulary, and grounded the history and traditions of beer. Beginning in the seventies with the publication of the World Guide to Beer, Michael began beating the drum demanding more respect for beer. He swirled and tasted beer, filling pages with new words. He traveled unceasingly, discovering styles and traditions long gone or on their way out the door. He chided the mainstream press for its beer provincialism. He even wore one glove, just one glove, to mock a similarly named celebrity.

Originally a newspaper reporter, a badge he wore with pride, he never lost the newsman's love for a breaking story or a tight deadline. He was a prolific writer, an expert in whiskey and fine food as well as a pioneer beer writer.

We will all lift a pint in his memory.

Daniel & Julie Bradford"

Cheers Michael! I hope you are enjoying that big beer chalice in the sky!

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