Friday, December 21, 2007

Are You Experienced?
or The Best Name For A Beer Ever

Wisconsin Belgian Red

So I'm lucky enough to have several close relatives that live in Wisconsin. My father is from Wisconsin. This is especially lucky because New Glarus Brewing Company, one of the best breweries in the midwest in my humble opinion, is only available in - you guessed it - Wisconsin. Dammit!

I've had their Wisconsin Belgian Red, which is a hell of a beer. They describe the style as a "Wisconsin Cherry Ale," who knew? Its a wonderful fruit beer that truly tastes like fresh summer cherries. Tart and sweet, tannic and dry, this ale is not the cloyingly sweet Kool-Aid that we are sometimes used to getting with fruit beer here in the states. They call it "a marriage of wine and beer." This beer is brewed with whole Door County (where I used to swim in the summertime) Montmorency Cherries, Wisconsin Farmed Wheat and Belgian Roasted Barleys. This beer is then cold cellared in oak tanks for one full year. If you have a chance to try this beer, do so.

Now then, on to the topic of this blog which is the Best Name For A Beer Ever. A few times a year, NGBC will cut their brewmaster and co-owner Daniel Carey loose to brew whatever he chooses, crazy, unfettered and free. Always handcrafted, these beers are very limited editions with no promises of ever being brewed again. Right now, one of those beers is one named Smoke on the Porter. Yes! Isn't that awesome? Can't you just hear Deep Purple now?

Smoke on the PorterHere's what the brewery says about this beer. "Smoke on the Porter began with our neighbors at Hoesly's Meats. Their smoke house aromas waft through our door creating a special kind of decadence that must be shared. Wisconsin barleys were generously cold smoked with apple wood by the Hoesly family. Brewmaster Dan then harnessed dark malts smoked in Bamberg to create a team that steps out as a creamy smooth black brew that will forever linger in your mind as Smoke on the Porter."

This beer is creamy and smooth. Beer Advocate magazine says, "...the malt really shines with a soft cake-like sweetness within. Suggestions of dark roasted coffee and bitter dark chocolate come to mind.... No doubt, the balance of this smoked porter is unsurpassed."

So toast life with beer from the land of Wisconsin.

Did I mention that The New Glarus Brewing Company is located in and named after the quaint town of New Glarus, Wisconsin? New Glarus is known as "America's Little Switzerland," a fact that is evident the minute you drive into town. You feel like you stepped back in time a hundred years to a small town in Switzerland. The Brewery is just one of many unique businesses in New Glarus. There are also antique stores, meat markets, two museums, an authentic Swiss bakery and a fine array of restaurants with authentic Swiss cuisine. In fact, my family and I used to make the treck from Madison, WI for schnitzel and noodles! For more information on New Glarus and its local business, visit the New Glarus Chamber of Commerce at

Also, I thought that this would be a good time to announce that my fantasy football team, Testeverdes Settatesties, is in the Superbowl. (I'm playing the person who introduced me to New Glarus Brewing Co. - But I will still beat him down.)

And also, Go Packers!


  1. Do you even know how incredibly hot this site is? Hot chicks that dig good beer?!?! WOW!

    Keep up the great work on the West Coast, and will keep doing what we can in the Midwest!

  2. So, wait. Is "one beer chick" from Madison?

  3. New Glarus is one of the best breweries in the midwest. The Cherry is a bit too much for me, but the Smoke on the Porter is amazing.

  4. Thanks for the comments my fellow beer people. To respond...hopefully soon, hot chicks (thank you for saying so) who dig good beer won't be such a novelty.... No, I'm not from Madison, but I have several relatives there (Aunt/Uncle & cousins) and have been there many many times. I love Madison. Its a great city! And I agree...New Glarus is one of the best breweries in the midwest. Can I get a booyah?

  5. Well, Christina, look me up when you come to Madison! I have plenty of female beer-loving friends -- we'd love to talk shop (and more) with a fellow beer enthusiast. Let's tip a few next time you're out!