Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Found:
The Beer Mapping Project

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So, this is rad. Some genius decided that he always wanted to know "exactly where he is and how far he needs to go for good beer." So he created this website called, and its awesome. If you like beer like I do, this is a great site to get you to the best beer places in the world, and the ones in your neighborhood.

If you want to find the best beer places in almost any major city you can go to the City Beer Maps section and it maps out google style, where the places are and their addresses and phone numbers. If you do not see your city on this list, type your city name into the search field in their lookup page and check their database for the brewpubs or breweries in your neck of the woods.

You can also use the system's proximity functions to create your own maps of an area. Simply use the location lookup page to find a site to be used as a center point of your map and then select a radius to display from that center point.

You can also use their Map Skip function to create a proximity map based on an address.

Say you have a super beer nerdy friend like I do (Hi Larry - I'm sure you already know about this.) and they always know the newest great place or the newest brewery. Well, you can keep up with them on this site as well, because they now have a Buddy Activity page that tracks the site updates from the people on your Buddy List.

And check this out. They also have a mobile search page! So if you aren't near a computer, but you suddenly need a beer you can type in your browser on your blackberry and do a search of the city or zip code you are in and up will pop complete results. How rad is that, seriously. Its like full-on 2.0 bro.

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  1. This Beer Mapping Project thing is great!

    In my neck of the woods outside NYC, it finds Beer Bars, Brewpubs, Brewerys, "Beer Stores" - - everything! Very nice work by these guys, and a neat tool!