Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So, this month, we at Beer for Chicks (and the upcoming have the pleasure of hosting the 35th installment of The Session - which is a group writing project where beer writers and bloggers from around the globe write on a single beer-related topic on the same day. This beer scribe phenomenon occurs on the first Friday of every month, and ours is happening on January 1st, 2010. That's right kids ... New Years Day.

The New Year, of course, is the ultimate time for reflection of the previous year's mistakes as well as a time of making resolutions to make our lives better in the future. Its also the time of year where all the lists happen. You can't turn the TV on without seeing a "Best of 2009" list: the best movies, best iphone apps, best sports moments, the best scandals, the best sports stars in scandals, etc...

So we want to know what was your best and worst of beer for 2009? What beer mistakes did you make? What beer resolutions do you have for 2010? What are your beer regrets and embarrassing moments? What are you hoping to change about your beer experience in 2010? We, for instance, resolve never to drink two draughts of Scaldis (Bush) Noel as our final two (of many) beers of the evening resulting in us losing our cellphone in the street. We resolve never to pair a malty strong Belgian Dubbel with any dish with Celeriac in it ever again! (also a "worst" of 2009.) We resolve to start an amazing barrel-aged beer collection despite our propensity for immediate gratification.

Last year there was a great New Year's theme from Beer and Firkins' Brewmiker, but each year is different and the beer world is constantly changing! So please share with us your greats and mistakes of 2009, and what kind of beer-o-phile do you aspire to be in 2010! Don't be afraid to be revealing....

Please send a copy of your responses or a link to your post to both &

Cheers to you, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!
Christina Perozzi & Hallie Beaune


  1. seeing as the new year falls on a friday, and work is closed, i will simply have to take up your wonderful offer to blog about:
    the best and the worst of 2009.
    beer resolutions and revolutions.
    mistakes and successes.
    etc etc etc.

  2. God wanted us to be happy and that's why he made beer. I won't be able to live on any other planet because only earth has beer.

  3. I keep want to start this comment with ‘good’ or ‘nice’ or ‘great’ but none of these seems strong enough, or appropriate enough for what you just posted.Just fantastic and mindblowing blog keep it up..!!!

  4. Happy New Year, Chicks of Beer!
    Here is my contribution. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Thanks for hosting this months session.
    Our blog is up at


  6. I agree - great to have time on a Friday to answer the questions!!