Friday, August 18, 2006

A Beer for Women

New York City's Heartland Brewery has announced that it is making its first beer specifically designed for women. According to them, real women do drink beer and their brewery, which they claim is New York City's largest microbrew restuarant, has designed a new brew just for the feminine palate - Berry Champagne Ale. Made with red raspberry puree, a touch of ginger, some pomegranate oil and special Belgian yeast that creates a dry effervescent finish, this is beer with a sweet, crisp taste specially crafted for women.

"There is no doubt that more and more women and drining and enjoying beer - actually 30 percent of all beer is consumed by women - but it's still perceived as primarily a man's drink," said Jon Bloostein, owner of Heartland Brewery which has five locations all in Manhattan. "I thought it was time to focus on what most women like - a fruiter, sweeter drink with bubbly champagne-like quality and we've achieved our goal with Berry Champagne Ale."

Ladies, I like a sweet beer as much as the next person, but what I really believe is that these sweet beers are the first step in getting women to realize the vast flavors that a beer can provide beyond the mass market crap. This Berry Champagne Ale is designed for the female non-beer drinker who usually goes for the Cosmos, mixed drinks and wine. Brewmaster Kelly Taylor (don't know if Kelly is a chick), who has been designing beers for Heartland Brewery for more than eight years, believes great taste will win over the girls.

The new brew is served in an oversized custom-designed champagne flute with a wrap around illustration of ladies legs in high heel shoes and fish net stockings - in the mode of the famous Can-Can dancers from the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Noted fashion, beauty, lifestyle and Daily Candy illustrator, Suiean Rim, created the fun and sexy image.

I'm sorry left coasters, but at the moment, Berry Champagne Ale is only available at Times Square, Radio City, Union Square and Empire State Hearland Breweries.


  1. I'm offended by the idea of dumbing down beers to appeal to women and I'm not even a woman.

    I know lots of women who enjoy a hoppy IPA!

  2. Indeed, the dumming down of beer for women would be counterproductive, since women generally have a better sense of taste than men. This beer was designed from a marketing perspective to appeal to women (fancy glass, cozmo color), but with Belgian Yeast and a complex malt profile, it was enjoyed by men and women equally. Go figure.