Saturday, April 7, 2007

Celebrate the Repeal
with The American Brew on A&E

Just got this email from the from Jason & Todd Alstrom (The Alstrom Bros) who are the Founders & Chief Executive Advocates at one of my favorite websites called

On April 7, 1933 prohibition was finally repealed and BEER was the
first legal alcoholic beverage to start flowing again in the US; well
at least 3.2 beer was flowing. Anyway ... today is the 74th
anniversary of the initial repeal! Let's celebrate with some American

If you don't have plans to hit your local brewpub or beer bar tonight,
consider grabbing a sixer of your favorite brew and celebrating at home by watching "The American Brew" on A&E tonight
(Sat, Apr 7 @ 10pm EDT and Sun, Apr 8 @ 2am EDT) or set your timers, make plans to head out, watch it later, and celebrate by hoisting some brews!

Cheers to American Brewers and the Beer they brew!

Respect Beer

Click here for more information on "The American Brew."

I'll be Tivo-ing this, you had better believe it!

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