Saturday, May 19, 2007

Who's Your Urban Daddy?

This is the absolutely last post I will post about myself.... for an entire WEEK! I promise! I just wanted to give a shout out to who thought that my beer tasting class this Sunday sounded fun and helped promote it. Thank you very much.

Urban Daddy is "an exclusive, daily email magazine devoted to keeping you in the know." They concentrate on nightlife, food, style, gear, leisure and travel in both New York and La La Land. Its exclusive though, (exclusivity being something new to me) ...Invite only! But you can request an invitation! They even called me "beautiful." Just wait for what they write after I get them drunk on great beer! I LOVE my Urban Daddy....he's so much nicer and more supportive than my suburban daddy.
Ciao ciao.
More to come very soon. And all about beer.... And none about me.
c to the p

PS. Heads up for the tasting....Beers you can only get in a bar: Craftsman Smoked Black Lager, Biere de Blanco and TRIPLE WHITE SAGE are making an appearance at my tasting. TWS isn't even at Father's Office yet. Forget about it. Seriously.