Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Woman's Work Is Never Done

Your man comes home from a long hard day at work, and you've been in the kitchen for hours. This isn't the stereotypical situation here though. You've been slaving in the kitchen over a hot stove, but you're not coming up with a pot roast. You've been brewing BEER! YES!

Homebrewing is so much easier than people think. Well, I take that back. It is something that, like cooking, takes a little time to learn and some practice to get right. You'll develop a deep appreciation for what master brewers can actually do. But, homebrewing is easier than you think. Its really just a little cooking and cleaning. You know...womens' work. (heave)

I'm going to start a series on homebrewing for women, focusing on smaller batches and starting out with easy partial grain recipes, but in the meantime, if you are interested, Los Angeles women can start at my friend Natalie's Homebrew Club just for Women called the ALT Society.

This month the meeting is on February 28th at 7:30pm at Culver City Home Brew Supply Co. This place is headquarters of the homebrew club that I belong to called Pacific Gravity, which luckily for me, is mostly men. But this meeting is just for the chicks, who sometimes can feel a little intimidated by all the testosterone floating around that place. There will be home-brewed beers there, of course, with munchies and lots of female support. Its a great place to go to get your questions answered and to get geared up for brewing beer at home.

Click here for directions. You can email Natalie at if you have any questions or want additional information.

Good luck ladies! And get to BREWING! A woman's work is never done.


  1. Candice Brokenshire2/26/2008 08:56:00 AM

    OK so as a Brit I completely buy into this idea... Beer is good!

    But do you have any myth busting advice?

    Is beer more calorific than wine?
    If drunk in moderation can one avoid the Beer gut? Any gems of wisdom would be much appreciated!

    Keep spreading the word!

  2. Hi Candice - Yes, I have all of that information on the homepage of my website I've written three pieces that are right on topic. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out the three articles under the header: "Demystifying the World of Beer." CHEERS! Beer is Good!

  3. Hey Christina! Congrats on the Daily Candy write up!