Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Remember how I told you in my Mother's Day blog last year that my dad was a Lindemans Peche drinker, and that I didn't really want to talk about it? Well, after many sessions of group family therapy, I can tell you that, yes, it's true. My name is Christina and my father drinks girlie beers (and the crowd says "Hi Christina.") It's fine. I'm okay. I've learned acceptance and I've come to realize that my father is my father. He is who he is, and I'm not going to change him. I'm sure that not even public humiliation in the form of a blog post from his only daughter will get him to start really drinking beer.

From what I've gleaned from my time on this earth, is that most people don't have a difficult time getting their fathers to drink beer. There's the game watching, the pool playing, the fight watching, the car washing, the golf, the barbecues. Nope, not my Dad. I mean, he does some of those activities, just none of them are accompanied by a beer.

Using lines like, "If you loved me, you'd attend," I have forced him to come to some of my beer events, however. And at those events he will begrudgingly try the beers that I give him. And to my astonishment, he's liked a few of them. And so, without further ado or fanfare, I will list the beers that you can give to a Peche Lambic drinking, comfortable with his own masculinity and not needing to drink beer to prove it kind of dad.

I hope this list is useful to the 5 of you who may or may not exist on the planet Earth.
Malheur Biere Brut - De Landtsheer - Buggenhout, Belgium, 11% abv.
The fact that my Dad liked this beer shocked the hell out of me almost as much as it did when my mother loved Jahva Imperial Coffee Stout. I thought that this biere de champagne would be way too high alcohol content for him, but he loved it. I should have guessed because the malt and spice level is quite high that he would have. The only problem is that this beer is quite expensive - for a beer - over $40 at the store. And since my Dad will only eat at restaurants that accept coupons and give free refills, the biere de champagne that I gave him for last year's Father's Day is still sitting unopened like a frosty trophy in the fridge in his garage in Temecula, CA. Its being saved for an unknown special occasion that will never come. And no, he's not trying to age it.

The Lost Abbey Lost and Found Ale - San Marcos, CA - 8% abv.
This was another beer that my father actually enjoyed. It was paired at the time with a really great blue cheese with raisin bread and walnuts, so my dad was all over it. Clovey and spicy with hints of dark fruit - figs and plums. I think I'm getting it. My Dad likes malty, spicy beers with an undisputed high alcohol content. Okay, now I'm starting to understand!

Aventinus - G.Schneider & Sohn - Kelheim, Germany - 8% abv.
Bill also dug this delicious malty beer as well. Aventinus is "the world's oldest top-fermenting wheat doppelbock." Again spicy, and again with notes of raisins, dates, figs, prunes, bananas and cloves. This beer is deceptively light-bodied on the palate but will kick your ass.
And that's it. Those are the beers my Dad likes so far. Please wish me good luck as I continue my quest to convert him - and my mother. Luckily my brother drinks beer, but I can guarantee you that his fridge is stocked with a 12 pack of Coors Light. What's a beer chick to do? But I digress. What I meant to say is Happy Father's Day to my non-beer drinking, non-reading my blog Dad. I love you!


  1. My dad is almost just like yours. Growing up I always saw him drinking things like Bartles and James etc. But he's grow up from that and switched to champagne. He doesn't drink any beer. Fortunately I have 3 brother in laws that do.

  2. having started out my path drinking girly ciders and the like before moving on the actual, more serious stuff, all I can say is don't give up in your quest to convert err... I mean educate him in tasty beer ways.

    Here's a few that I found are milder on the bitter scale and may be worth introducing to your pop:

    1. Bruery's Black Orchard
    2. Lost Coast Brewery's Great White
    3. Angel City's Vitzen

    Good luck and keep up the good work - hope to catch you at a beery event around town (and I finally got around to blogging about that Telegraph Brewing Co. social at AMMO)