Thursday, July 23, 2009


You know that thing that's been keeping me from being a good blogger? That ethereal book that only existed because I said it did? Well, now - hopefully - you can see that I'm not a big fat liar. The book that I wrote with fellow beer chick Hallie Beaune, The Naked Pint: An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer, is now available for pre-sale at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, as well as other online retail outlets. Hooray! Here's the description"

In The Naked Pint, Perozzi and Beaune offer a down-to-earth guide to craft and artisanal brews that celebrates beer for what is truly is: sophisticated, complex and flavorful. Covering everything from beer basics to the science behind beer, food and beer pairings, home brewing, and tips for perfecting one's palate. This edgy no-nonsense guide exposes hidden truths, debunks misconceptions, and reveals the power that comes from knowing your ales from a hole in the ground!

We also got two rock stars of the beer world to read it and here's what they said:

"The Naked Pint is a great read for anyone interested in all things beer - from beer style descriptions to cooking with beer to brewing your own beer at home. The authors know their stuff; they understand that beer can be complex without being overly complicated and take beer seriously but don't take themselves too seriously."

-Sam Calagione, President Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

"No one turns people on to beer the way that Christina and Hallie do. Along with their passion and expertise, they bring a wit and levity that exemplify the renegade spirit of craft beer. They possess the skills of a sommelier..yet take you on the even more inspired journey into craft beer."

-Greg Koch, CEO and co-founder, Stone Brewing Co

Also, please check out the newly launched website for the book to get more book release and book tour information! Yeah, I'm an author!

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  1. Congrats on the book! I have ordered it and can't wait to get it. I think I saw you at the Beer Float event and I would like to hear what you thought of it and what float you liked the best. ( I was too shy to come up to you while you were tasting)

  2. Congrats on finish the book.

    Looks like a must add to any beer lovers library. I'll be picking up my copy in short order. Know if you have Canadian distribution through say... Chapters?

  3. is your book published in spanish? i love it and would like to give it as a gift to a dear friend in South america who loves beer but does not speak english. i thought it wold be a great Xmas gift.