Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Bruery

No, I didn't spell it wrong - The Bruery is an awesome new Belgian-style craft brewing company from Orange County, California. Its spelled "Bruery" because the brewer's last name is Rue. So clev-ah. I hadn't heard of them when I saw a big beautiful 750ml bottle of The Bruery Saison Rue, sitting all alone on a shelf. Well, Saison being one of my very favorite styles, I had to buy the bottle and check it out.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this beer. First off, when I poured it into my crystal tulip-shaped glass, it was a deep rich amber - much darker than any Saison I've ever had before. It was also much heartier than the others I've had, which I didn't think I'd like - but the toasty notes were a nice addition to the peppery spice, the tart brett and notes of hmmmm...what is that?...I have to look at the bottle to see. Oh its RYE! Now I get it! Yum. The finish was nice and dry with some citrus rind in the exhaust. (ABV is 8.5% 0 IBU is 30)

The Bruery never filters or pasteurizes their beers and all of their beers are 100% bottle conditioned, which means that there's no forced carbonation - the beer is ready in its own sweet time. They say that they "strive to use unconventional ingredients." And I'm excited that I'll get to try some more of their interesting beers tomorrow when I attend the Stone Brewing Company's 12th Anniversary Party in San Diego.

I'll update you when I return!

Click here to check them out online.

P.S. How are you liking my beer-tography?


  1. I went to the Bruery on Saturday for a special even they had! Basically if you brought a bomber with you to share you would be able to get tastes that others brought. First visit to the Bruery, but it won't be the last! Thanks for the recommendation. FYI I added you to my blogroll on my food site, just thought you'd like to know who I was. Take Care!

  2. Is there no "follow me" option on your blog? :-( We really enjoyed reading it!

    Mugsy & Jugsy